With the senior officials of World Bank – World Bank: strategic Common Vision for is an ideal model for improving economic growth and supporting political and social stability in the Arab region

In detail, World Bank commended the importance of the strategic Arab common vision, and that it provides a comprehensive and integrated model for improving economic growth for all Arab countries, this would contribute to supporting social and political stability of the region, especially that they include programs of clear details for operations, and timelines of digitization projects and operations for governments, and social inclusions for Arab societies.

World Bank is considered one of the biggest supporters of the strategic Arab Common Vision, this is for its importance in making digital technologies reachable for Arab region, which is considered a basic pillar of economic development of the region, where Dr. Boutheina Guermazi, Director of Digital Development of the World Bank, emphasized that “it’s very important to have a strategic Arab common vision to create opportunities. And that knowledge transfer and lessons learned, KPIs for digital transformation operations, to build smart cities in the Arab region, all these are among the most important factors of the strategic Arab Common Vision, that the Arab Economic Unity Council worked on preparing and reviewing, along with a number Arab and global organizations, and a group of practitioner experts in the different operational fields of digital economy.”

Also, Samia Melhem, Lead Policy Officer, Global ICT Group, Transport & ICT, World Bank, commended that the strategic Arab Common Vision considers the differences among Arab countries, from the perspective of digitization readiness. Moreover, accompanying the programs and the projects, with administrative reforms, and legal changes, that will enable sustaining the development required, and the opportunities of inclusion, efficiency, and innovation that digital technology would avail to the Arab countries.