The Council of Arab Economic Unity honors Dr. Ali Al-Khouri


The Council of Arab Economic Unity in the League of Arab States celebrated Dr. Ali Mohammed Al-Khouri, the Advisor to the Council and Chairman of the Arab Federation for Digital Economy for his election amongst the world’s 100 most influential in the field of digital governments and the only Arab figure listed. Dr. Ali was ranked 23rd in the list published by Apolitical last August.

Apolitical is a global network for government, helping public servants find the ideas, people and partners they need to solve the hardest challenges facing societies. It publishes annual lists celebrating women and men making the world more equitable, whether they exert their influence through policymaking, research, advocacy or however else. The list was adopted by the UN, World Bank, the EU and many philanthropy organizations such as Gates Foundation.

“I commend the works and efforts of Dr. Al-Khouri in the fields of eGovernment, social security systems, data-driven development, e-identity interoperability, trust and security during the past years, as well as his keenness to put his personal and professional expertise into practice to promote the digital economy in the Arab countries”, H.E. Mohammed Mohammed Al-Rabea, Secretary General of the Council of Arab Economic Unity said in a ceremony held in Cairo.

“We are proud to have Dr. Al-Khouri as the advisor for the council and the one responsible for the Arab Digital Economy as he is one of the world’s influential in the fields of digital transformation and strategic planning”, he continued.

“Dr. Al-Khouri developed different methodologies and frameworks to address the challenges facing government institutions worldwide and has succeeded in developing strategic plans for digital transformation and identity security for a number of institutions while supporting the building of knowledge-based societies and digital economies”, added the Ambassador.

Stressing the importance of the role that Dr. Ali is currently undertaking saying: “There is no doubt that we count on the ambitions and aspirations of the Arab intellects, as a source of inspiration, in improving the digital economy ecosystem in the Arab world and empowering the Arab youth to realize their hopes and goals in the field of emerging technologies”, he concluded.

Atef Helmy, Egypt’s former Minister of Communications and Information Technology and President of the General Assembly of the Arab Federation for Digital Economy, praised the listing saying: “We are always impressed by the UAE’s technology achievements, its proven economic and digital infrastructure, and most importantly the global success of its most important capital, its citizens and today’s example is Dr. Ali Al-Khouri”.

“Dr. Ali’s significant contributions did not stop at the development of strategic plans and the support of the global digital economy ecosystems but exceeded to include personal efforts to disseminate his thoughts. He has more than 100 books and global research in the fields of administrative development, institutional transformation and knowledge-based economies. We commend the role of the UAE in offering its expertise to support the digital transformation in the Arab world”, Helmy concluded.

Dr. Al-Khouri expressed his gratitude to the Council of Arab Economic Unity dedicating this achievement to the leadership of the UAE, the League of Arab States and all Arab youth. He called on the Arab youth to exert efforts to achieve academic and practical results and self-development in the fields of technology as they will lead the initiatives and projects to promote the advancement of the Arab Digital Economy.