The common Arab vision for digital economy presented to OECD’s working group in South Korea

31 October 2018, Seoul – South Korea

The Council of Arab Economic Unity (CAEU) presented its ambitious common Arab vision for digital economy to the 32 members of the Oganisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) participating in the working group in Seoul, South Korea.

Dr. Ali Al-Khouri, advisor to CAEU and Chairman of the Arab Federation for Digital Economy delivered a brief about the initiative stages and goals in exploring the digital Index of Arab countries, comparisons of the capabilities of advanced economies and identifying the main obstacles and economic opportunities for the member states of the League of Arab States.

Dr. Al-Khouri highlighted the aspects of support for Arab governments’ digital transformation, promoting financial inclusion and knowledge-based legislative and technological infrastructure while stressing the fact that the legislation and investment climate will attract capital to build sustainable and prosperous digital economies in the Arab World.

Dr. Al-Khouri expressed gratitude to the UAE for its unlimited support in harnessing the enormous potential in the Arab World, and the keenness of its leaders Arab joint action appreciating the support of the leadership to revive and revitalize economic unity among the Arab States through the digital economy.

Participants commended the efforts & plans for joint Arab action in digital economy to enhance the economies of the region and highlighted the importance of directing international investment funds towards building sustainable and prosperous technological infrastructure in the Arab World.