Showing gratitude and appreciation for the leadership of the United Arab Emirates and to Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed for his support and sponsorship, World Bank, United Nations, And Harvard University praise the strategic Arab Common Vision for Digital Economy

Archive picture of launching the   strategic Arab Common Vision for Digital Economy in Abu Dhabi – December 2018

Mr. Mourad Wahba, Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations, Assistant Administrator of UNDP and Director of the UNDP Regional Bureau for Arab States, valued the efforts of UAE leadership, and the sharp vision looking forward to the future of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, sponsoring the strategic Arab Common Vision for Digital Economy, as well as the programs and projects stemming out of it.

Also, the senior officials of World Bank praised the strategic Arab Common Vision for Digital Economy, and emphasized the importance of coordinating efforts of Arab countries supporting their transformation towards sustainable digital economies, they also showed their appreciation of the UAE leadership supporting economic stability, and improving its growth rate, as it is a way to political and economic stability of the Arab region.

This was during the coordination meetings held by the Arab Economic Unity Council, in the League of Arab states, headed by H.E. Dr. Ali Mohamed Al-Khouri, Council Advisor, and attended by representatives of a number of international organizations from the United States of America, to unify and coordinate the efforts regarding the next steps after launching the first draft of strategic Arab Common Vision for Digital Economy.

The council and the League of Arab States have launched the first draft in partnership with many international organizations, and a committee of 65 global experts in different fields of digital economy.  The draft includes a detailed explanation of the objectives desired for implementing the strategic vision and its programs, as well as its social and economic impacts, and the opportunities of comprehensive development, and achieving the 17 global objectives of sustainable development, moreover, supporting the eco system of digital innovation in the Arab region.

The study showed that the impact of digital economy on the Arab world is going to be significant, where by the year 2030, the Arab GDP can grow to up to 4 Trillion US Dollars if the strategic vision is implemented. Also, the impact of digital growth, reaching the complete digital maturity of the Arab region, can yield up to 333 Billion US Dollars annually, providing 60 new Million job opportunities through the coming two decades.