Prospects for cooperation with MIT for smart labs in the Arab world

The Council of Arab Economic Unity (CAEU) met with MIT’s senior management to discuss prospects for cooperation in building smart labs in the Arab World. This is part of the efforts of the CAEU to pave the way for the implementation of some of the programs that resulted from the joint Arab strategic vision for digital economy, prepared and reviewed by League of Arab States with a number of Arab and international organizations and institutions.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is renowned for its research laboratories for electronics, media technologies, e-economics, computer science and artificial intelligence. The Institute also plays a major role in biomedical engineering and the development of intelligent laboratories.

The Smart Labs programs aim at building innovation capacity as cross-sector and cross-regional collaboration are key for building networks for knowledge and innovation capacity at national and regional levels in the Arab world.

The smart labs are mentoring programs, designed to act as accelerators creating an ecosystem to foster innovation within the Arab communities and act as a bridge between research and different vital economic sectors transforming high potential ideas into new products and services to generate economic growth with a framework of digital governance and information security.

Smart labs also act as testbeds, a practical environment for the purpose of designing, testing and deployment of technolog­ical solutions as well as training and consultancy programs for sector-based technology.

Al-Khouri welcomed the cooperation with MIT, which will enable the Arab region maximize the use of knowledge in its digital transformation journey. The cooperation also includes the support of Arab States at the project stages through the provision of consultation, identification and evaluation of possible applications and technology integration into operational processes, and the use of the centers as a testing platform for disruptive technology.