Advisor for the Council of Arab Economic Unity amongst the world’s 100 most influential in Digital Government

Apolitical, a UK-based global policy platform for governments published its inaugural list of the world’s 100 most influential people in Digital Government. Dr. Ali Khoury, the advisor for the Council of Arab Economy at the League of Arab States ranked 23rd in the list – and is the only Arab figure included amongst the most influential. The list also included 13 Ministers from around the world including the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.
“Digital technologies are transforming nearly every aspect of our lives, including, increasingly, our governments. In every country and at every level of government, public servants and ministers are having to work out how to reform and reimagine government for the digital era”, reads a statement by Apolitical published on their website.
“Bringing transformative digital technologies to one of our largest, most complex sectors is difficult work and the people leading this transformation are often as visionary, imaginative and determined as the tech entrepreneurs the media loves to celebrate”, the statement continued.
“We drew on nominations from over 100 expert contributors to make the list, including digital government experts, academics and public servants. While the list includes well-known leaders, we have also attempted to highlight the unsung heroes who are quietly and tenaciously updating the machinery of government. The first selection was generated by peer and expert nominations and the final selection has been reviewed by independent experts around the world”, Apolitical statement concluded.
Apolitical had previously announced its list of the world’s 100 Most Influential People in Gender Policy in 2018. The list honors and celebrates women and men making the world more equitable, whether they exert their influence through policymaking, research, advocacy or however else. The list was adopted by the UN, World Bank, the EU and many philanthropy organizations such as Gates Foundation.
Apolitical is a global network for government, helping public servants find the ideas, people and partners they need to solve the hardest challenges facing societies.
Dr. Ali Khoury had previously served as the Director General of the Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) from 2009 until 2014, where he contributed to the UAE Government’s plans to develop the flagship identity management framework & system in support of the UAE’s smart government initiatives. During his engagement, EIDA received several national and international accolades, including the UN Public Service award and the Distinguished Federal Award for the years 2012 and 2014.
Dr. Ali Khoury currently serves as a Director General at the Ministry of Interior in the UAE. He is a founding member of the Arab Federation for eCommerce, where he served as a Vice Chairman in 2015 and Chairman since 2017 and founded the Arab Federation for Digital Economy at the League of the Arab States where he serves as a Chairman. He has been recently appointed as an Advisor to the Council of the Arab Economy.
Dr. Ali also served as an advisor to the EU and the World Economic Forum and co-authored a number of international studies. He published more than 100 management books and scientific researches and articles in the fields of improving public services and Digital Governments.
“I am honored to be selected amongst the top world’s 100 most influential in Digital Government. This would have not been possible without the guidance of the UAE’s leadership. This international recognition is dedicated to our leadership, the people of the UAE and the people of the Arab World”, Dr. Ali commented in a press statement.
“This calls for further work and dedication for joint Arab efforts in the digital transformation of the Arab governments and economies and make use of what digital technology is offering while the fourth industrial revolution is still at its infancy”. He continued.
“I invite the Arab youth to dedicate and focus their efforts in the technology fields and self-development as they are the ones who will lead the progress and prosperity of the Arab World”, Dr. Ali concluded.

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