Completion of the first draft for the joint Arab strategic vision for digital economy

The Council of the Arab Economic Unity adopted the first draft of the joint Arab Strategic Vision for digital economy, following the inclusion of all recommendations resulting from the first Arab Digital Economy Conference concluded in AbuDhabi on 17 December 2018.

The Conference had a special session to review and discuss the strategic vision and receive feedback from the representatives of the international organizations supporting and endorsing the vision, as well as the reviews and recommendations of the international experts and members of the Strategy Review Committee who attended the Conference.

The first draft is to be submitted to the Arab delegations participating in the Arab Economic Summit that will be held in Beirut from 19-20 January 2019, in preparation to submit the strategic vision to the Arab leaders at the Arab summit to be held in Tunisia on 31 March 2019.

The World Bank, UNDESA, UNDP and ESCWA are among the international organizations supporting the vision and its efforts to create employment opportunities and develop the digital skills of Arab societies over the coming 10 years as well as incentivize achieving the sustainable development goals.

The League of Arab States is due to receive the second draft of the joint Arab strategic vision for the digital economy after compiling all comments from the Arab delegations in Beirut in order to presented the final version to the Arab leaders at the next Arab summit in Tunisia. This will enable the League of Arab States begin coordinating efforts with the concerned authorities in the Arab countries, supervise the execution of some programs and coordinate outcome desired with the international and government bodies and the private sector.