Key initiatives and projects:

  1. Issuance of a legislative guide for the technology infrastructure that supports the integration and coordination of the Arab legal system and framework.
  2. Establish competitive blocs of specialized Arab companies to enhance the ability of strategic investment and global competition in the fields of digital economy and Fintech. This will help raise the efficiency of the digital framework in the Arab World, promote the advancement of the digital economy as well as attract investors and create job opportunities for the Arab youth.
  3. Establish the “Arab Support Fund” to direct the long-term concessional loans through agreements that enhance production capacities and manufacturing industries based on digital automation and technology infrastructure in the Arab member states; and in line with the national development initiatives to achieve the well-being of societies in the Arab World.
  4. Provide secure digital applications and services on cloud for business administration and ePayment for small and medium enterprises with nominal charge subscription framework.
  5. Establish the “Arab Digital Transformation Index” to measure the progress of the Arab member states, identify priorities and monitor the Arab development programs, plans and projects.
  6. Cooperate with Arab government institutions to promote the concept of effective partnerships in the implementation of digital transformation strategies; targeting Arab Central Banks and concerned ministries.
  7. Provide consultation in the field of digital transformation for systems and transactions through experts and specialists.
  8. Facilitate training and development services for institutions and individuals to bridge knowledge gaps, provide the necessary skills and simplify legal concepts towards improved capabilities.
  9. Launching the “Arab Digital Economy” Award to encourage and stimulate competition in the public and private sectors encouraging their participation in promoting national economies and business environments as well as support and honor the intellectual and technical creativity of individuals and organizations.
  10. Advocate and raise public awareness and digital knowledge about the technological potential to support governments, entrepreneurs, investors and companies. Issuance of an Arab newsletter on forecasting the future with opinion led articles and reviews of the latest developments in the technology fields in cooperation with major research and international periodicals.